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The update brings ray tracing, DLSS and FSR 3

The update brings ray tracing, DLSS and FSR 3

Cooperative shooter Starship Troopers: Annihilation It had a proper early access release in May 2023: up to 16,000 players were online at the same time. But in the following months, this success stabilized significantly. Currently, even at peak times, there are only a little over 600 players online at the same time. In order to change that, the studio responsible resigned The world is out Recently presented the roadmap.

Revised technology

Now, just over a week later, the first patch has followed. According to the new roadmap, several changes should be made to the technology this winter, and with the recently released 0.6.2 update, part of this promise has been fulfilled. Since Thursday, Starship Troopers: Exterminating has been supporting DLSS and FSR upscaling technologies. When it comes to FSR, version 3 is mentioned, and there is no information about DLSS.

source: Out of World (via Steam)

The developers announced technical improvements to the current phase, some of which will be implemented with the latest patch.

Additionally, it seems players will have to make do with a standard preset. In a future update, the developers want to provide a selection of quality for all three upgrade modules that are now included – Intel's XeSS has been supported before. You can actually use ray tracing in the game today, because as promised, the developers have introduced lumens and thus optional ray tracing lighting to the game with update 0.6.2. Apart from that, there are also several balancing changes, fixed bugs and some improvements. For example, video playback and AI path planning on planet Valaka are said to have been improved.

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