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Will Clooney have offspring again?  «

Will Clooney have offspring again? «

Paparrazi’s photos from vacationing on Lake Como fuel rumors about Amal Clooney’s pregnancy.

7:01 PM, August 20, 2021


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Rumors Bubble: Are Amal and George Clooney Returning to Parents Again? © AP

They are vacationing again in their villa on Lake Como in Bella Italy: Amal (43) and George Clooney (60) with their twins Ella and Alexander (4)who should have celebrated his birthday there too. On a boat tour with friends, followed by lunch, the paparazzi captured the human rights lawyer and Hollywood star. This alone wouldn’t be a huge sensation. But: the photos should confirm what Gossip magazine recently released: the famous couple should be expecting offspring again. A confidential source told OK! That Amal Clooney should have finished her first trimester. “He has already begun to show himself, so soon everyone will know,” reads an article.
Even the Daily Mail, which published the photos, wants to realize that a small belly is bulging under the lawyer’s orange jumpsuit. So far there has been no confirmation of these rumors, but there has been no denial.

It is said that Villa Cluny was affected by floods in Italy. The 60-year-old Beau is known to own a second home in Laglio and is also said to be an honorary citizen of the place.