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SEER dies up close at Kulturhaus Dornbirn

One of the strongest live bands

Their success in the charts and their presence in the media is just an indication of the fact that the text, music and musical performance has already proven on CD that “Sealike” is more than just entertainment. It is a way of life filled with notes, words and arrangements and sent on a journey into the ears of the listener. The band’s concert is like a big gathering of friends who come in droves. One realizes this. The man is Fred Jaklic. Chief and brains of SEER. With a lot of flair, he builds each show as if it were a unique event. “I think it’s just important to be sensitive to the feelings of the audience. Scripts don’t passively die in people’s minds. And once you achieve that, it’s also very responsible,” Jaklić explains. Responsibility means not seeing the work on stage as a typical musical. “Concerts—even the word sounds so emotionless,” he says, hammering the nail in the head. “Right after the music left us for the audience, it’s basically already history again, and so every concert, every appearance on stage is something completely new for us,” says Jaklitsch. This commitment pays off and anyone who’s ever watched a Seer party knows what he’s talking about. Have fun in the musical craft. Real live music.

SEER – Spiritual and unique! Fans can look forward to many new songs and great SEER ballads this year for the upcoming “Stade Time” mood.

Advance ticket sales

Dornbirn Tourismus 05572/22188, Bregenz Tourismus 05574/4080, in all Raiffeisen banks, savings banks, Volksbanks, oeticket.comas well as directly at SCHRÖDER KONZERTE 0732/22 15 23, webshop:

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