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They were injured in severe storms in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg

They were injured in severe storms in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg

Status: 08/25/2023 08:31 AM

At least 16 people were injured in severe storms in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Many trees fell and roads were blocked. S-Bahn traffic in Munich is still disrupted, as is the train.

Heavy storms swept large parts of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in the evening. In many areas, roads were closed to regional traffic – mainly due to fallen trees. Several trees fell at a camping site in Lindau on Lake Constance, and six people were injured, one seriously.

For security reasons, the authorities cleared the site, and about 900 campers spent the night in the island hall. A camp in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance was also evacuated. About 300 people had to spend the night in the gym, but no one was injured.

Police said the entire storm’s damage could only be assessed and eliminated in broad daylight.

Ten were wounded at Nordlingen

At a motorcycle meeting in Swabian Nördlingen, several motorcyclists were surprised by the storm. Police said 10 people were injured by the flying fragments. Three of them went to the hospital.

According to police information, and according to preliminary findings, parts of the stage were also exposed during the meeting at Nordlinger Airport. And in Augsburg, about 75 kilometers away, police reported fallen trees and flooding in tunnels. According to the spokeswoman, there were no reports of injuries at first.

Delay in Munich

In Bavaria, train commuters still have to expect big delays and short-term cancellations in the morning. The train announced in the early morning that individual sections of the Munich S-Bahn were still closed after a full shutdown for the night. “Delays are expected on the main route and in the entire S-Bahn network.”

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It was said that it was not possible to make train trips on the road between Starnberg and Tötzing. Regional trains ran from Weilheim to Tutzing and ended there prematurely. The railway is also exploring the routes in the Allgäu and in Upper Bavaria, “the vegetation in the track area is currently hampering the movement of trains”. Delays and cancellations happen here too.

Obstacles in road traffic

The storm front moved west to east over large parts of the Free State in the evening. Countless trees fell and traffic was blocked in many places, according to several police headquarters.

In Müldorf amN, a branch fell on a police car during a storm and damaged the windshield. None of the police officers were injured, according to the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria / South. Many other cars were also damaged. No other injuries were initially reported.

Train cancellations in Baden-Württemberg

Damage from the storm also shut down several regional train lines in Baden-Württemberg. IRE 6 between Mössingen and Hechingen, and RE 2 between Donaueschingen and St. Georgen and lines RE 7/RB 27 between Freiburg (Breisgau) Hbf and Mülheim (Baden).

In Freiburg, heavy rain flooded basements and streets and sparked several firefighters’ operations. A spokesman for the fire department said that from 7.45pm to around 11pm alone, there were 383 operations. There are no injuries. Trees were also downed and a broken power line landed on a car. In one case, a trapped person had to be rescued from a flooded cellar.

More storms are expected

Even today it is still windy in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. According to the forecasts of the German Weather Service (DWD), there could be thunderstorms in some places during the day and then at night until Saturday with rain, hail and strong winds of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

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