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Will Sunny catch up with the GZSZ trio?  – “Something is wrong here!”

Will Sunny catch up with the GZSZ trio? – “Something is wrong here!”

Will it be tight again for the GZSZ trio around Emily, Nihad and Lily? Sunny’s bowels do not bode well. She is determined to get to the bottom of Emily’s behaviour. Warning, spoilers follow!

Good Times, Bad Times (GZSZ)

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Perhaps this is what they were missing. the It settled about the blackmailer, An entirely different person could now become the problem: sunny for all people. Ever since her best friend Emily got into a new relationship, she has been acting very strange, avoiding Sunny and finding many excuses not to show up on dates.

Of course, Sunny has no idea Emily’s behavior has anything to do with it Martin’s disappearance you have to do. Then she too Who finds extortion money in Emily’s store, She finally aroused her suspicions. Sunny mainly targets Sasha, whom she blames for Emily’s change of heart. Sunny takes issue with the fact that the cop claims he deposited €10,000 with Emily No The wind is blowing out of the sails, but it makes them even more suspicious. Determined, she visits Sasha at work and demands the truth.

While Emily is going through a tough time at the moment, the mood behind the scenes is even more amazing. You can see how fun actress Anne Menden was on set in the video:

Sunny is on the wrong track

“Something’s wrong here. I’ll find out what it is!” she threatens Sasha. Gerner’s granddaughter believes that Sasha deliberately wants to keep his girlfriend away from Sunny and wants to control her. It can’t be a coincidence that Emily has been acting weird since she’s been with Sasha! Of course, the latter’s hands are tied, because Sasha cannot reveal the truth under any circumstances. When Emily calls by mistake, he puts the handset in Sunny’s hand and hopes the two women can work things out. But Emily only has empty phrases for her friend and doesn’t manage to calm Sunny down. She notices that something is bothering Emily, but she’s completely on the wrong track. Or does Sunny have the right instincts and something is wrong with Sasha?

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The fact that Emily and Laura now have a greater connection to each other and that their animosity seems to have been forgotten is also inexplicable to Sunny. For the project manager, there is no doubt that there is something fishy here, but how do you reveal the secret?

The next few weeks will tell how things will continue and whether Emily, Lily, Nahat and Sasha should urgently pay attention to Sunny… You can watch GZSZ in advance With a premium account from RTL + in the live broadcast. The Daily is broadcast every Monday to Friday at 7:40 pm. On Monday, December 26, GZSZ canceled due to the second day of Christmas.

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