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Psychonauts 3 is not in development, Tim Schafer confirmed

Psychonauts 3 is not in development, Tim Schafer confirmed

The Double Fine Productions founder has confirmed that the studio is not currently working on Psychonauts 3.

Unfortunately, fans of the Psychonauts games should be disappointed, there won’t be a third game. Instead, the team is focusing on “unannounced new things” dubbed “smaller games,” like the studio’s founders said. Tim Schafer He said. Double Fine Productions So it doesn’t work Psychologist 3.

Although many gamers were hoping for another sequel after the success of Psychonauts 2, Schafer explains that Psychonauts 3 is not currently in progress he. He did not see the teaser hinted at and confirmed in an interview that he is not working on the project.

What is Double Fine Productions working on right now?

But what exactly Double Fine Productions is developing remains a mystery for now. Shaffer explains in interviewthat the studio thinks less about the scale and complexity of projects and more about whether they align with the company’s values. The team is currently working on new, unannounced games that are classified as “minor”.

Schafer stresses that it’s not about balancing the big games against the small ones, but rather about staying true to the company’s values.

While no further details about the new games have been announced, Double Fine Productions confirmed last year that several projects are in the works across various internal teams. However, the exact nature of these projects remains a mystery at present.

Psychologist 3 So it won’t materialize as quickly as some fans had hoped. On the other hand, they now have certainty.

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