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This is how you travel from Germany to America on a propeller plane

This is how you travel from Germany to America on a propeller plane

It is rare for most passengers to travel on propeller planes these days. Unless you’re a recreational pilot or don’t need to fly to far-flung destinations, you usually fly in a jet plane. But if you want something a little different and want to experience what it’s like to travel in propeller planes, starting in 2024 you can take a special trip.

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From the summer of 2024, flights from Germany to the US will again be possible only by propeller planes. This is because Air Greenland will once again provide a flight portal connection from Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, to Iqaluit, Canada.Aerotelegraph“Report.

Travel is only for aviation fans

Flying from Germany to USA with propeller planes is only for aviation enthusiasts. Depending on where you’re flying from, you’ll be on the road for about ten days. Everyone else would board a regular jet and reach the US in a few hours.

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But if you’re up for an adventure and want to feel the pioneering spirit of early transatlantic crossings by air, you can tackle the route from June 2024. For example, a connection is possible from Hamburg to Boston or, as “Aerotelegraph” suggests, from Munich to New York City.

You can travel from Germany to New York in ten days by propeller plane.

If you want to start from Munich, you will first need to fly from there on a propeller plane to Luxembourg and from there to Hamburg – both by Luxair. From Hamburg we fly Norwegian regional airline Widerøe’s Flyveselskap to Bergen and then to the Faroe Islands. Icelandair will take you to Nuuj in Greenland via Reykjavik.

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Air Greenland then closes the gap in connectivity from here and flies you to Iqaluit in northeastern Canada. We continue with the Canadian north to Puvirniduk, north of the Canadian province of Quebec. The city is the third largest Inuit settlement in the Nunavik region, from where the Air Inuit continue – first to Inukjuaq, Umiujaq, Gujjuarabic and finally to Montreal.

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The wild ride continues with Porter Airlines to Halifax, and from there finally to the US on Jazz Aviation. Air Canada’s subsidiary airline takes you to Boston. If you want to take a propeller plane to New York now, you have to take a small detour because there are no direct connections with propeller planes. But you can fly via Martha’s Vineyard Island in Massachusetts and from there to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City – both flights are with Cape Air.

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Anyone wishing to travel from Munich to New York by propeller plane would spend ten days on the shortest route, take 16 flights and be in the air for a total of more than 25 hours. This trip is not very cheap; According to “Aerotelegraph”, it will cost about 4,300 euros.

If none of this puts you off, you can start your adventure between June and October 2024. During this period, Air Greenland offers flights from Nuuk to Iqaluit. As Air Greenland already stopped flights in 2012 due to lack of demand, it is unclear whether a merger will be possible in the following years.

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