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Traffic concept for the Depeche Mode concert –

Traffic concept for the Depeche Mode concert –


There will be roadblocks around the Klagenfurt stadium on Friday due to the Depeche Mode party and there will be one-way traffic on the Südring. If you want to travel from the city center by bus, you have to endure a longer journey than around 4.30pm. A shuttle service is available directly to and from the concert from the car parks.

Stadtwerke bus lines 60 and 61 run as long as possible from Heiligengeistplatz to the immediate vicinity of the stadium. Line 85 also runs through Klagenfurt Main Station. All lines run every 15 minutes. From around 4.30pm the municipal authorities’ lockdown around the stadium comes into effect, then buses stop about 600m east of the stadium in Neugas. The remainder of the route must be covered on foot.

For departures from around 11pm, additional buses are also available from Neugasse to the city center and main station if needed, says Christian Karlbauer of Stadtwerke Klagenfurt. Routes 90 and 92 will be on the route for a fee as planned.

The return bus course is very narrow

Anyone arriving by car to the car parks at the Autobahn West Subway and at Minimundus will be able to use the free shuttle buses directly to the stadium from 4pm, which will run every few minutes.

If you arrive by train at Klagenfurt West station, you can walk a few steps north and catch the shuttle bus at the stop in the motorway car park. After the ceremony, the shuttle buses will return at regular intervals. These buses are booked by the organizer. Stadtwerke Klagenfurt hopes to be able to cover demand with this supply.

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