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In August, the inner courtyard turns into a summer stage again

In August, the inner courtyard turns into a summer stage again

Linz. The Kultur Hof’s summer stage is entering its fourth season. Originally intended as a show during the pandemic, the summer stage quickly played its way into the audience’s hearts.

On eight evenings in August, artists enjoy cabaret, magic, improvisational theater and concerts in the private atmosphere of the inner courtyard. General Manager Wolfgang Pfeiffer looks forward to the summer stage program with great anticipation: “I look forward to each evening, and it is difficult for me to single out anyone in particular. Most likely the Strotern with their wonderful Viennese songs, because they are rarely seen and heard here. But each evening has something special to offer. The best thing to do is to stop by and see for yourself.”

Eight evenings packed with programmes

A selection of music, lyrics, entertainment and infotainment will start on August 8th: a great mix. As a guest, Wiff, Hanzhanz, and Reini Gruber welcome Soko Linz actor Daniel Gawlowski.

Wagner & Co.’s collegiate run for theater will continue on August 9. In addition to the namesake and the man at the piano David Wagner, this time there will also be Manuela Wieninger and Markus Zett, “1 against 1”, so to speak.

Cabaret and offbeat music can be heard in the new program “Die rot-Weiß-rot Seele” by Gerlinde and Werner Rohrhofer on August 16th. Musically accompanied, as usual, by Charlie Schmid and Constantin Handel.

There is a contest among poets on the program on August 17 with a Poetry Slam. The only conditions: the script must be written by yourself, no props, costumes and singing are allowed and there is a time limit of six minutes.

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Infernal duo Philipp Gangleberger and Wolfgang Moser present Magic Monday on August 22nd. The impossible became possible, true to the slogan “Or is it an illusion?”

The Strottern are at home outside of all boundaries of genres and styles, but their heart beats with Wienerlied. Sometimes elegantly dancing in 3/4 time, then drunk again, they aim to turn the crowd with their palatable melodies. And also on August 23.

For 25 years, Delaytanten from Upper Austria has been bringing classics from pop and rock history to new life out of love and dedication. On August 29th they will be heating up the summer stage.

A Power Point Karaoke evening will conclude the event on August 30th. In the process, unsuspecting speakers give lectures about presentations they’ve never seen before. The audience decides the winner.

In case of bad weather, events will be held in the hall.