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Two Viennese Barbies and Ken Earn AIDA Title » Leadersnet

Two Viennese Barbies and Ken Earn AIDA Title » Leadersnet

| Editorial Board

| 08/24/2023

Café-Konditorei and Cineplexx were invited to the finals of the Pink Competition featuring a celebrity jury. In the end, instead of a duo, there was a trio of podium winners.

Punch donut pink has been AIDA’s trademark for decades. Since summer is all about the nuances of pink thanks to the hit movie “Barbie,” the traditional café and pastry shop has taken the opportunity to launch a marketing campaign (Leadersnet stated): “We have always followed the trends and embraced the zeitgeist,” says Dominique Prosek, fourth-generation owner of the AÏDA family; and further “The hype around Barbie and Ken and our pink institution in Vienna is clearly pegging!” Viennese Barbie and Kenz were searched for on social media.

Live show with three winners

Applicants participated in online voting and have now been selected by the judging panel during the platform presentation. look— Editors Ursula Butler-Fellner, cabaret artist Aida Luce, and Marsha Lisowska Vaughn Fashion TVAndrea Lottman of the Daily Journal Austria Aida President Sonia Prosek made up the judging panel for the Pink event. In addition to the costumes and presentation, the “Babri and Ken moment” was also evaluated.

Candidates were asked to reveal their personal relationship to the popular puppets. The decision was difficult for the jury, but in the end the duo “Barbie” Bahati Venus and Bettina Baki and “Ken” Christoph Schlagenhoven won the ex aequo pink title. Winners can look forward to cinema vouchers and AIDA.

Leadersnet He was there for direct voting, and his impressions are in our gallery.

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