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Anniversary Concert – The Kirnberger Musikverein celebrates its centenary on Saturday

Anniversary Concert – The Kirnberger Musikverein celebrates its centenary on Saturday

The Kirnberger Musikverein has been playing at various events in and outside the city for a century. Today we look back at the traditional past that began with Richard Seidelman.

In 1923 he founded the local Kernberg Ensemble, which he led for four years until Anton Kirchner took over. At that time you could count about 15 to 20 members. Especially with the establishment of the Youth Division in 1961, this number increased. Only four years later, the first house for musicians was built in the Melk district of Kerenberg. In the past 50 years the club has seen significant growth.

The jubilee festival should connect the past and the present

Thus Franz Whipple took over the presidency of the association in 2020 and now leads 53 active musicians. They will also be used next Saturday. Because on the occasion of the Assembly’s centenary, the anniversary will be celebrated on August 26 at Dompropstei-Stadl in Kernburg. 11 guest bands, a sunset party with the Schweiggers Music Club and the musical accompaniment of the Sepp Mattlschweiger Juchee quintet await guests thereafter. There will also be a grandson of one of the founding members.

In addition to the review, the passion for music will also be heard. After all, this has remained consistent over the years: “In the past, as now, we pursue a common goal – to make beautiful music”, explains Chairman Franz Whipple. This is also noticeable in the club’s busy annual calendar: competitions, Almfest, Cozy Sunday and the Spring Party are just a few of the highlights. With these specific dates, the Society liberated itself to become “a cultural wealth without which it is no longer possible to conceive,” Whipple teaches.

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