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Ukraine: Intense Russian attacks near Marinka

Ukraine: Intense Russian attacks near Marinka

According to the military command in Kiev, violent battles are continuing between the Ukrainian army and the Russian invaders in eastern Ukraine. According to a report issued by the Ukrainian General Staff yesterday evening, Russian attacks around the town of Marinka, a few kilometers west of the industrial city of Donetsk, have been particularly intense recently.

About a third of the battles took place during the past 24 hours in this part of the front, with 20 battles. The Russians attacked the town of Avdiivka, which lies north of Donetsk and was also heavily contested, only half as often during this period.

The attack continued towards Melitopol

In the southern sector of the front, the Ukrainian army says it continued its attack towards the large city of Melitopol. On Sunday afternoon, Ukrainian military intelligence reported an explosion in Melitopol in which at least three high-ranking officers of the Russian National Guard (Rosgvardia) were killed.

The Kremlin-appointed regional crew chief, Vladimir Rogov, wrote on Telegram in the evening that an “explosion-like noise” in the city was caused by a malfunction in the car’s gas equipment. According to him, no one was injured.

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