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unfair?  Sarah Connor violates the rules of "The Voice"!

unfair? Sarah Connor violates the rules of “The Voice”!

Was it all here? Several singers are currently fighting in the popular casting show Germany’s voice for individual victory. Moreover Sarah Connor (41) is as New coach With the gig and coaches many young talents. Today’s episode was about getting into fights and then about singing tickets. The successful musician caused quite a stir. Sarah caused a flagrant violation of the rule!

As was the case with soul singer Jennifer, medical student Archibi and musical actress Anne Sophie (31) About entering into battles that resist Sarah the rules. In fact, only two talents per group are allowed to advance in decision training. At first, the translator “From Sarah With Love” complied with this requirement and expelled Jennifer. But then I thought about it Sarah Suddenly things changed and the three of them got into battles. “It’s just a dirty base here,” she explained.

This was the first time a group of three had competed against each other this year! Which of their nominees did he decide? Sarah In the end? “It’s really hard for me,” the singer confirmed. I finally sent Archebe to sing! However, in retrospect, it became known that the two girls would also be allowed into the next round thanks to a robbery deal with the other coaches.

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Anne-Sophie “The Voice” – Canada 2021
Anne Sophie vs. Jennifer vs. Archebe and Sarah Connor in "Germany's voice"

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Anne Sophie vs Jennifer vs Archip and Sarah Connor Bey “The Voice of Germany”
Archip, "Germany's voice"-candidate

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Archip, “The Voice of Germany” -Candidat
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