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USA: Three-year-old shot dead in Florida

The murder investigation began

The boy celebrated his birthday with friends

Florida police have launched a murder investigation into the shooting death of a three-year-old boy during his birthday party. A boy named Elijah was reportedly hit by a misguided bullet in the suburbs of Miami on Saturday evening.

The toddler was taken to hospital, but died on the spot from his serious injuries. Elijah’s family told local media that their son and another child celebrated his birthday on Saturday. Accordingly, the boy should be four years old in a few days. A video of the celebration showed children playing in the pool.

Boy shot dead in Florida: guilty quickly

A 21-year-old man was shot dead in the incident, police said. In all, police found more than 60 bullets. “I’m absolutely terrified, I’m disgusted,” said police chief Alfredo Ramirez III. A $ 15,000 reward was awarded for clues that led to the arrest of the offender.

Children in the United States are repeatedly subjected to gun violence. Critics blame the loose arms law for this.

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Accessed April 28, 2021 at 9:57 am

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