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Groundbreaking ceremony for Energie AG’s most expensive project ever » Leadersnet

Groundbreaking ceremony for Energie AG’s most expensive project ever » Leadersnet

| Editorial Board

| October 23, 2023

With the Ebensee pumped storage energy plant, the company wants to continue its path towards climate neutrality and a sustainable energy future.

This was recently announced by Leonard Schetter, CEO of Energie AG leadersnet-Company construction project interview. Following the construction decision at the end of September, the official groundbreaking ceremony for the Ebensee Energy Storage Plant was held a few days ago. The ceremony was attended by more than 500 visitors from EBNSI, politics, business and media.

A step towards climate neutrality

With the construction of the Ebensee pumped-store energy plant, Energie AG is taking another important step towards climate neutrality. “The project supports our plan to create a future free of fossil fuels for our children. We at Energie AG are convinced that we have a social responsibility to think in the long term. We want to leave to our children and future generations a planet worth living on,” says Shetter and adds: “In order to save energy generated in “Sustainable When they are needed most, storage capacities are needed. The pumped-storage power plant in Ebensee is an important building block for this and will represent the ‘green battery’ of Upper Austria in the future.”

The starting signal for the project

Together with State Governor Thomas Stelzer, Deputy State Governor Manfred Heimbuchner, State Counselor for Economic and Energy Affairs and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Energie AG Markus Achleitner and Mayor of Ebensee Sabine Bromberger, the CEO introduced to the members of the Board of Directors of Energie AG Leonard Schetter and Chief Operating Officer Stefan Stallinger. And CFO Andreas Kolar is the starting signal for the energy storage pumped station in Ebensee.

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“We are in the middle of transitioning to a climate-friendly site. We are doing this to secure employment, prosperity and lead our site to a good future. Today is a milestone for securing supplies and expanding renewable energies in our country.” Governor Stelzer says at a groundbreaking ceremony at the site.

“Today’s groundbreaking ceremony for the Ebensee pumped-storage power plant shows once again that the energy future of Upper Austria is not a slogan, but is being actively shaped. Because anyone who says yes to renewable energies and climate protection must also say yes to the electricity grid. Expansion and storage solutions. Depends Electricity storage, and hence pumped-store power plants, on the main topics of the energy transition. For Upper Austria, as the first economic federal state, a high level of security of supply and high quality of energy “Supply is a decisive factor in the site. With the Ebensee pumped energy storage plant, the state energy company Energie AG once again proves that it is a key partner here.”

Foundations of the future of renewable energy

“The expansion of energy storage systems such as a pumped-stored power plant is a fundamental requirement to ensure the availability of electricity in the future energy system. Depending on their design, pumped-stored power plants are able to cover a very wide range of energy – both on the turbine and/or pump side, and this It means they are able to respond to changes “We react very flexibly and quickly to demand and electricity generation, and therefore also make an important contribution to security of supply,” explains Stefan Stallinger, Chief Operating Officer at Energie AG. Wind and solar energy have enormous storage capabilities.

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The largest single investment in history

“With an investment volume of approximately €450 million, the Ebensee pumped-storage power plant is the largest single investment in the history of Energie AG. This sustainable investment supports us as Energie AG and thus Upper Austria on our way to a fossil-free energy future,” says Andreas Kolar. , CFO of Energie AG: “With the pumped-storage power plant, we are investing in the quality of life and future security of future generations.”
With the official groundbreaking ceremony, preparations for the four-year construction period begin. Trial operation is scheduled for the end of 2027.