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Verena Eberhardt is considering resigning

Verena Eberhardt is considering resigning


At the weekend, cyclist Verena Eberhardt won a gold medal and five silver at the Austrian championships. It may be their last. The 28-year-old is considering ending her career.

In the elimination race on the track in Novo Mesto (Slovenia), Eberhardt could not be defeated in the Austrian championship this year. Local championships had to be held in Slovenia because there is no proper cycle track in Austria after the demolition of the Dusica Stadium in Vienna.

Verena Eberhardt

Verena Eberhardt with her medal

“Finish your studies”

“I’m not completely sure yet. I’m 28 now and I want to finish my studies in sports science at some point,” said Verena Eberhardt on the sidelines of the tournament. Until the summer she rode in the USA in the National Cycling League for the Miami Nights team. Due to financial problems, Almost all members of the team were released in August, including Verena Eberhardt. “Now it is also a question of whether I will get a contract with next year’s team. “But right now I tend to exercise less and focus more on my studies,” says Eberhardt.

Absence of a mathematical perspective

The 28-year-old from St. Maarten/Wart’s athletic perspective also gives her pause. Qualification for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris is a long shot for Verena Eberhardt. The next Summer Games in 2028 in Los Angeles are not a problem because of the distance in time: “To be honest, 2028 is too far away. I think I’m too old for that. Plus, I never intended to do cycling professionally for a long time.”

Verena Eberhardt (centre)

Klaus Tetzer / Cycling in Austria

Verena Eberhardt (center) at the race in Novo Mesto

In the coming months, Eberhardt will have a non-racing period on the agenda anyway. The European Track Cycling Championships will be held in the Netherlands in January – perhaps the final major event of her career. “I experienced a lot of great things in cycling, but at some point it was time to leave. But I haven’t decided 100 percent what I’m going to do next,” said Verena Eberhardt.

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