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Goodbye fair play!  Graz99ers games are criminally verified!

Goodbye fair play! Graz99ers games are criminally verified!

Graz99ers had to cancel matches against HC Pustertal and Black Wings Linz last week for health reasons due to the spread of highly contagious infections throughout the club. Also, the recruitment of all players from the cooperation teams KAC II and Zell am See was not enough to give the team “fit to play” status.

Last Friday, the Graz99ers Association reported that both HC Pustertal and Black Wings Linz are looking for a sporting solution in the spirit of fair play. Now both sides retreated and the two matches were verified with a score of 0:5 each against Graz99ers.

Linz president Nader contacted the Graz99ers personally on Friday and confirmed that the match against the Black Wings would be rescheduled. For reasons of fairness and in case this also affects the population of Upper Austria in the future. Nader even repeated these words in the press. HC Pustertal also indicated to the league that they are striving to find a sporting solution. As a result, the Ice Hockey League issued a press release stating that both games may be rescheduled.

Graz99ers has been given a time period such that a new date must be agreed with the two teams by October 10, 2023 at 3:00 PM. Both clubs are no longer interested in reaching a fair sporting solution, and therefore there has been no discussion about new dates in the last few days. On the contrary, it was sometimes difficult or impossible to reach clubs for Graz99ers until Monday evening.

Moser Medical Graz99ers team respects the decision of the two clubs and the league! However, you need to ask yourself whether it makes sense to compete against medical clearance with a team that has a majority of team members suffering from a highly contagious infectious disease. As protection against this highly contagious disease, the Graz99ers, in the interests of their health and the health of opposing players, abstained from competing. Therefore, the 99ers acted in accordance with last year’s fitness rules and put the health of all athletes first.

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We wish Black Wings Linz and HC Pustertal all the best in the tournament, and at the same time hope that these clubs do not find themselves in a similar situation.