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Victory over construction

Victory over construction

Hosner double in the first half

The first half started well for the hosts as Young Violet goalkeeper Kenan Josic fell behind after eight minutes. The hosts’ celebrations were short-lived, however, as the opening goal appeared to have come from an offside position. Instead, it was Hosener who put the Young Violets ahead at 19:11 with a lot of emotion.

After advancing, most of the action took place in midfield, and the Violet team had clearer and better chances in general. Scharner first slotted the ball wide off the right before Ostreicher was fouled at the left post a few minutes later.

One try from young right-back David Iwemade was needed to make it 2-0. He came in from the right, used his pace and sent the ball to the captain in wait, who found it very easy to score today and made it 2-0, also at the break.

More effective than a half-time break

The Young violets started the second half hungry for goals and were very focused. It took less than five minutes for Seljic to slip Hosener a brilliant pass. He triumphed in a one-on-one against the home side’s goalkeeper and pressed confidently to make it 3-0.

Four minutes later, Hosener showed his vision when he quickly took a free kick and sent Rocco Sotterlotti into the goal. Sutterlüty noticed the construction goalkeeper sprinting out of the goal and deftly lifting the ball over him to make it 4-0.

Although the home team reduced the deficit to 1: 4 with almost 20 minutes left in the match, the Austrians still had the majority of chances. This was also shown when Abdi could only be stopped by a foul after a one-on-one shot worth seeing. However, the next free kick posed no danger.

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The target is hungry to the end

Manages? This word seemed completely foreign to our young violets. At the start was Sawicki, who was perfectly orchestrated after a powerful dribble from Luka Ezderich. Sawicki prevailed on the left and increased to 5:1, before Ewemade again made friend and foe on the right and passed the ball to Izderic, who was lurking in the backcourt. The next shot should deflect but still confirm the victory for our little violets with a score of 6:1.

Next match: the favorite derby

This gave the Young Violets their second win of the season and their ninth-best goal difference in the league. Only Austrian youth will continue September 15thaway once again at FavAC Stadium, this time against venue owner and traditional club Favoritner AC. The match against New Zealand has been postponed from September 8th, 7:30pm to Tuesday, September 19th, 7:00pm.

FC Masonry – Young Violets 1:6 (0:2)

Violet youth: Josic – Stockl, Vojnar, Ilic (Markovic 79) – Iwimade, Scharner (Jankovic 69), Abdi, the Austrians (Sawicki 59) – Salic (Izderic 69), Sotterlotti (Stojanovic 79), Hosener

Gates: Obong (67); Hosener (10, 31, 51), Sotterlotti (55), Sawicki (90 + 2), Ezderic (90 + 5)

Referee: Wolfgang Bilar, Favac Square, 165 spectators