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Virtuoso Leonie – All-rounder Böheimkirchner wants to become a musician

Virtuoso Leonie – All-rounder Böheimkirchner wants to become a musician

The musical talent from Boheimkirchen was taught by Anna Derenberger at the music school in Boheimkirchen for seven years. Leonie Vonnwald composed her first pieces at the age of eleven.

In her first major solo appearance in 2020 at a concert on the theme “Physics Meets Music” in the City Hall Auditorium, she presented her own piano pieces and texts about each planet. “Apart from music, astrophysics is my second big passion. “My book ‘Everland – Beyond the World’, set in Sydney, also has an astrophysics background,” explains the all-rounder. Stylistically, Leonie Vonnwald’s compositions are based on Blues and jazz, its dramatic character often reminiscent of film music, with which the young artist has a special relationship.

Oscar winners as role models

“I would like to compose music for films professionally in the future. The soundtracks of Oscar winners Hans Zimmer and Ludwig Göransson are my great role models,” says Vonnwald. Before working in Hollywood, the BORG St. Pölten student's next goal is to obtain a high school diploma. “Favorite subjects are, unsurprisingly, music, physics and sports. But she is also fond of literature and language. “At the suggestion of my German professor, I can participate in Semmering at a summer academy. “I can definitely get inspiration for my new book project from this writing workshop,” the author says of her ambitious plans for the future.

Leonie Vonwald's CD is available at the municipal offices in Böheimkirchen, Kasten, Stössing, Michelbach and Kirchstetten, at the Böheimkirchen Music School and at the Kosmetik Birgit Kreisinger and Leonie Vonwald.

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