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Western Sisters – Theatrical atmosphere in the Velser Multi-Purpose Hall

Western Sisters – Theatrical atmosphere in the Velser Multi-Purpose Hall

The “Western Sisters” were played by Klein and Lustig: Claudia Douglas, Stefan Haider, Christian Lueger, Philipp Steinski, Susan Cox, Bianca Hagen, Nicole Kienzle, Jessica Felbermeier, Brigitta Felbermayer, Harald Domfort, Maria Tauber-Kemeny and Christiane Mohm.

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nFollowing last weekend's successful premiere, the Klein & Lustig Theater Society presents three more performances of the western comedy Western Sisters on stage in the Fels Multi-Purpose Hall: Friday, March 22 and Saturday, March 23, each at 7 o'clock Sunday, March 24, at 7 :30 p.m., 5 p.m

Directed by Stefan Haider, it stars many of the old actors from the club play, enhanced by new additions. Support comes from guide Angelica Roche, and Karl Cole operates the sound and lighting system. His special effects enrich the turbulent events on stage.

This time the new location is new for the group and visitors. The club moved from the Bauer Inn in Fjorsbrunn to Wels. That is why Chairman of the Board Harald Domfort particularly thanked Gerhard and Isabella Bauer at the premiere for their long years of hospitality. There was also applause for director Stefan Haider, who was a founding member of Klein & Lustig for 30 years.

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