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Who is similar to Putin with a double chin?

Who is similar to Putin with a double chin?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been the focus of fake news and conspiracy theories circulating on social media this week.

Earlier this week, Ukrainian officials spread a bizarre rumor that Vladimir Putin had not visited the occupied city of Mariupol and sent a body double due to the different chin sizes in three photos.

But the Italian fact-checking website, openFactChecking, has disproved this theory.

They prove that the photo without a double chin is from 2020. The other two photos were taken by a pro-Kremlin broadcaster in Mariupol. One time he frowns, which explains the double chin, and the other time he looks completely different again, without the double chin, a few minutes later.

But could Putin use the double? Such rumors have been circulating since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but they have never been proven.

Putin on his knees before something?

The Russian head of state received his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Moscow.

A photo on social media was said to show Vladimir Putin kneeling in front of the Chinese and kissing his hand.

But this image is fake – generated by artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence.

How do we know?

Many social media users have noticed that the setting of the room they met in differs from the one posted on social media. We know they met in a room that looked different, while the photo circulating on Twitter shows a completely different carpet and furniture.

There are other details that give us some clues that it is not real. For example, look at Putin. It’s blurry and doesn’t look realistic, which is usually a good indication that the image was generated by artificial intelligence.

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Because even though AI is very advanced, it still has trouble recreating details like human hands.

Also, here you can see that Vladimir Putin’s head is unusually large compared to his body.