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Win 440 tickets for “Sonne/Luft” at Schauspielhaus Graz!

Win 440 tickets for “Sonne/Luft” at Schauspielhaus Graz!

Nature as digital memory

The sun speaks. The fact that she is no longer likable is only revealed by her underhanded way of reading Riot to us humans. From afar, she casts her gaze upon Earth as a goddess and laughs at her power, which only leads to the destruction of the human planet. Air has its say, too. It argues with many voices about its changeability, its limitations and its own transience. Or, wait a minute, is air still talking?

In her latest libretto, Nobel laureate Elfried Jelinek once again turns our usual assumptions on their head through permanent changes of perspective and in the usual fun language performances. Yes, humans have been threatening nature for a long time. But through the appearance of the “gods,” the power that nature possesses becomes immediately noticeable.

Director Emre Akal, who was most recently artist-in-residence at the Kamrspiele Hotel in Munich, brings together the duo Mehmet and Kazem, their visual
The art is influenced by the hip hop scene and graffiti, a close collaboration. Together they create virtual worlds with a colorful and radically innovative aesthetic. Here people try to
Preserving what slips through their fingers: the untouched environment, the purely human, the real encounter. What would happen if nature as we know it only existed as a digital memory? So where are we anyway? Because when the world falls, so do we. or not?

  • sun / airfrom Elfried JelinekIn cooperation with Styria autumn
  • Austrian premiere On October 7th, at 7:30 pm in Schauspielhaus Graz
  • the first show On October 13, 2023
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With us you can win 220 x 2 tickets for an exclusive indoor preview!

  • when: October 7, 2023, starting at 7:30 p.m
  • whereGraz Theatre

final date: September 20, 2023