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FOuzo (dpa) – The decision to inscribe the Danube River as part of the ancient Roman Empire’s boundary in the World Heritage List has been postponed.

United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural and Communication Committee (UNESCO) decided on Monday at its meeting in Fuzhou, China, that a working group should discuss how to move forward in the coming days.

The Danube Limes in its Bavarian section runs from Bad Gögging in the Kelheim region through Regensburg and Strubing to Passau.

In the long discussions, there was talk of an “unprecedented situation” after Hungary left the joint application with Germany, Austria and Slovakia at short notice. The International Council for the Preservation of Antiquities (Icomos) noted in the discussion that without Hungary, about 400 km and therefore more than half of the boundary would have been removed from implementation. There is therefore no correct assessment of the project as to whether it is a “outstanding universal value” site, which would be the basis for classification as a World Heritage Site.

A decision will likely be made this week

There was disagreement among Member States as to whether the remaining parts of the Danube should however be included in the World Heritage List without further assessment. Host China eventually submitted a proposal to establish a working group. A decision was expected this week.

Two years ago, a similar abrupt maneuver delayed the decision. At that time, shortly before the meeting, Hungary removed a portion of the Danube Limes in the archaeologically preserved area of ​​the Roman city of Aquincum in the north of Budapest from the nomination.

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The UNESCO committee then returned the review request so that developed countries could make the change in coordination with Icomos. It should also be examined to what extent the removal of an important part affects the integrity of the entire filtration.