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Heat wave expected in Greece: over 30 degrees even at night

Heat wave expected in Greece: over 30 degrees even at night

Meteorologists expect a long-lasting heat wave with daytime temperatures of 44 degrees. The longer the severe weather lasts, the more severe the weather will be on the human body.

Greece Fear an impending heat wave. From Tuesday, temperatures should rise to 44 degrees during the day and not dip below 30 degrees at night. Both the Greek Meteorological Service and the Civil Defense have already issued warnings because the heat is expected to last until August 8, an unusually long period. If the temperatures do not drop at night, it is very stressful for the human body because it cannot recover.

The longer severe weather lasts, the more dangerous it is to your health. Since strong winds are also expected and it has been dry for weeks, fires may also spread quickly.

Greece He has bad memories of extreme heat waves. In 1987, an estimated 4,000 people died in a similar period of heat. At that time, there were few air conditioning systems and city apartments became a deadly trap, especially for the elderly. Another heat wave accompanied by strong winds burned large areas of the Peloponnese Peninsula in 2007, killing dozens. Now it is feared that the announced wave will overshadow all this.


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