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Concert – a fun take on tradition: “kammerfunk” in Waidhofen/Ybbs

Concert – a fun take on tradition: “kammerfunk” in Waidhofen/Ybbs

With their programme, the four kammerfunk musicians open a new perspective on Vienna’s musical heritage.

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MWith violin, clarinet, cello and accordion, the international “kammerfunk” ensemble will draw players from different eras from its reserves on November 23 at the Rothschild Palace and travel musically through Vienna.

Waidhoven violinist Stefan Buchhacker, member of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, will perform with the “kammerfunk” ensemble in the Crystal Hall of the Rothschild Castle on Thursday, November 23, at 7:30 p.m.

This unique representation allows Bach to meet Mahler in his world and arrange meetings between Johann and Richard Strauss. Her musical journey takes her from classical music to the Balkans to the Middle East and back to rest at the Heurigen in Vienna. In a diverse group of musicians, the four musicians – Weidhofen violinist Stefan Buchhacker, clarinetist Martin Reiner, cellist Michael Günther, and accordionist Bogdan Laktic – focus on the musical essence of this often-cited “world music capital”. The musicians’ enchanting wit surprises the audience with unprecedented intensity and opens a refreshing perspective on Vienna’s musical heritage.

The international ensemble consists of three musicians from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and a solo accordion player. With their expert playing and distinctive instrumentation, kammerfunk creates an unmistakable sound. In a playful approach to tradition, the band presents popular and rarely performed works.

Tickets are available at Waidhofen City Hall and above available.

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