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How to make new 3D printing filament from plastic waste

How to make new 3D printing filament from plastic waste

In a new video on YouTube, it appears doctor. D-Flo Step by step on how to recycle unused 3D prints, misprints and household plastics into 3D printer filament.

Production waste can be recycled using shredders, extruders and pelletizing machines. However, the process is very complicated: for 1 kg of thread, Dr. D-Flo is about 2.5 hours. Recycling household plastics such as plastic bottles is more difficult.

According to Dr. D-Flo, unwanted 3D prints made from PLA plastic are particularly suitable for recycling. For PET bottles, the material must first be shredded and extruded several times to produce a usable filament. The irregular shape of plastic fragments in particular makes further processing difficult.

Despite the efforts, recycling is worth it for environmental reasons. doctor. D-Flo explains in his video that special industrial facilities will be necessary to make household plastics recycling truly effective. However, his experience shows that 3D printing waste can be almost completely converted into new filament with very little time.

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