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You should consider these trends in the US – States

You should consider these trends in the US – States

Football, cultural meat, and outdoor adventure are all the rage in America and gaining prominence in this country. Choose the same.

Pancakes, maple syrup, peanut butter, bagels, whiskey, chicken wings, brownies, popcorn, fried onions are standard. If full-service retailers or discounters are planning an American campaign or want to benefit from the trends sweeping us across the big pond, they should look to: football, farmed meat, farmed fish and outdoor activities.

American football consciousness has been growing in this country for years. Lidl was one of the first retailers to take this into account and added the snack helmet to its range. Country’s campaign (Mc Ennedy’s own brand), one of Hard Discount’s most successful, now has 50 articles. It is held three times a year. Once a year, during the Super Bowl, Familia Nordost offers 15 to 20 original American products, primarily candy, dairy products and beverages. “The imported M&Ms, especially the white edition, became very successful,” says Ulf Hennings, head of food at Familla. “We definitely want to list them and cereals like Lucky Charms.”

Outdoor activities with a sense of wilderness and adventure are more in demand in the States than ever, and here too they are becoming more popular: kayaks, stand-up paddle boats, tents. The offering ranges from US sleeping mats to kayaks and portable power plants to US grazing tents for pet owners who want a taste of the cowboy air. Climate change and forest fire risk may be responsible for the massive increase in demand for fire protection goats in the states and it is unlikely to have an impact on us. Retailers should be prepared for a wave of anti-snoring products coming our way. The snack was yesterday. Corner means modern refreshment in good company and it takes place – of course – outdoors, a 70s revival.

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Farmed meat and fish were introduced in the United States
Farmed fish and meat are fresh and possible in XXL format. The first approvals for cultured meat are in the US (Upside Foods, Eat Just), where German cultured fish pioneer Blu (Dr. Oetker and Delivery Hero are involved) has applied for approval. Its breaded fish products are made from trout cells grown in a bioreactor and enriched with vegetable proteins.

did you know?

80 percent of the world’s almonds are produced in California (USA). Canned tuna is the most commonly eaten fish product in the United States.