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You should pay attention to this when using oils – according to the expert

You should pay attention to this when using oils – according to the expert

So it flows properly…

… You should never use oils on dry skin. Oils are best absorbed by the skin right after a shower or after applying a heat spray. Rich oils such as avocado, almond and argan oils support the skin in maintaining its lipid membrane. Be careful with bergamot oil: in combination with UV rays, it can trigger an allergic reaction that leads to unsightly brown hyperpigmentation after redness and pimples.

oils for everyone?

Rumors persisted that oils clog pores and are only suitable for dry skin. But this misconception has long been disproved. The oils are non-comedogenic (see packaging) suitable for all skin types and do not stain. However, comedogenic oils should be avoided in the long term if you have oily or blemish-prone skin.

It’s all about oil

Oil cleansing is also suitable for all skin types. The problem with many cleansers is that they contain surfactants that strip moisture from the skin. The oils in cleansers and makeup removers have the advantage of removing sebum, dirt, sunscreen, and makeup from the skin without completely stripping it of its oils.

The latest discovery in oil-based cleansers? Gland oil oil! This is a synthetic oil that is modeled after swimming bird oil. They spread it all over their feathers to keep it waterproof and supple. Green glandular oil helps the skin to lubricate itself and thus restore its natural balance.

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