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Your Firefox account becomes your Mozilla account

Your Firefox account becomes your Mozilla account

Mozilla will rename the Firefox account, which is used, among other things, to sync data in Firefox. In the future it will be a Mozilla account.

If you sync your history, bookmarks, access data, and more in Firefox, you need a Firefox account. But you also need a Firefox account for upcoming syncing in Thunderbird or other Mozilla services like Firefox Relay, Firefox Monitor, MDN Plus, Mozilla VPN and Pocket. This growing suite of products, which goes beyond Firefox, is exactly why Mozilla has its own authentication system rename Becomes: Your Firefox account becomes a Mozilla account.

According to the current planning, the renaming will take place on November 1, 2023. This changes nothing for the user. Registration continues with the same data as before and logging in via Google or Apple account will also work as usual (except for Firefox synchronization). Mozilla will also keep as a domain and emails from [email protected] will persist, so there should be as little inconvenience to the user as possible.

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