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Zara Secret embarrasses itself with Forbes flop on Instagram

Zara Secret embarrasses itself with Forbes flop on Instagram

Influencer Zara Secret recently shared an Instagram post featuring her on the cover of Forbes magazine. Was that just fake?

Zara SecretThose with real names Zara Tweedle he is called, More than 300,000 people follow him on Instagram. On her account, she offers insights into her private life and primarily provides her fans with lifestyle content. The self-proclaimed entrepreneur is also the founder of Mania Concept, which sells nutritional supplements and beauty products. The influencer posted on Instagram that she and her business partner Sarah sat down for an interview with Forbes to talk about their “success story.” Luxurious photos showing the secret were included on the supposed cover of “Forbes”.

But as YouTuber Sashka discovered, the whole story didn’t go as the 28-year-old claimed.

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Has Zara Secret bought its place in Forbes?

“I’m so excited to announce that we’ve been featured in Forbes,” was the comment below the influencer’s Instagram post, which is currently no longer available. on LinkedIn However, fans can still find the entire post and the accompanying text: “II am so grateful to all of you for being part of our journey. We continue together! I don’t know where to start except to say: I am proud of us! “Proud that we never gave up, even when we were pushed to our limits so many times, but we never doubted our vision,” reads a photo of the influencer looking into the camera while wearing an all-black outfit in the same color above, Forbes says.

It seems like a great accomplishment, because it is Input Zara and Sarah, who met at the age of 15, explain how they founded their company selling nutritional supplements. But YouTuber Sashka noticed one thing: the article is a paid advertisement for which the influencer is said to have paid up to 15 thousand euros according to Forbes’ terms. Sashka criticizes the fact that it is not clear in the now-deleted Instagram post that the 28-year-old not only “fake” the photos, but that the businessman paid money to appear in the magazine To be special.

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Sashka, whose real name is Alexandra Schulz He was contacted and asked the magazine about the subject of the article and the pictures from Zara Secret. It became clear that paid advertising in Austria, for example, costs 15 thousand euros. However, the use of the name “Forbes” in photo montages, etc. is “not allowed” as it may infringe trademark rights.

Results: Secret had to remove her photos on Instagram, but that has yet to happen on LinkedIn.

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Fans criticize Zara Secret for Forbes gaffe

After the influencer posted photos from her new apartment, excited fans and some critical voices crept into the comments: “Even though there’s a fake Forbes photo hanging in her apartment?” one user asked. Another user expressed her anger in the comments: “Why are you doing this? This Forbes story blatantly compromises your brand and makes everything seem unbelievable. Don’t get it, no one cares about Forbes and you’re risking everything for this.” . Be a little smarter.”

The influencer did not respond to the criticism and was limited only to the function of commenting on her posts.

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The many Zara Secret scandals

Schulz also criticized Forbes for giving influencers a platform in their magazine – even if they paid for it. The secret made headlines, among other things, when it was loud “to focus” At the beginning of the year, it announced anti-cancer pills intended as nutritional supplements to strengthen the immune system and fight the disease.