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25 civilians killed in Russian missile attack near Zaporizhia

25 civilians killed in Russian missile attack near Zaporizhia

Putin announces annexation today

Russian President Vladimir Putin She has occupied Ukrainian territory in another illegal act Kherson And the Zaporizhia Recognized as independent countries. Corresponding decrees of the head of the Kremlin were published in Moscow on Friday night (local time). It is a prerequisite for the regions to be able to apply for admission to the Russian Federation.

In mock referendums, regions had previously voted to join Russia. On February 21, Putin already gained the independence of the Ukrainian regions Luhansk And the Donetskwho call themselves “People’s Republics”. The four regions are applying to join Russia, which Putin plans to formalize at a ceremony in the Kremlin today at 3:00 PM (2:00 PM CEST).

The annexations are not internationally recognized, they are considered a violation of international law, which Ukraine does not want to accept. The UN Security Council is scheduled to vote in New York on Friday on a resolution condemning the so-called referendums. However, the resolution presented by the United States and Albania does not have a chance to be adopted, since Russia, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, can veto it. However, the text must subsequently be submitted to the UN General Assembly.

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