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Alligator not allowed in stadium – emotional support animal

Alligator not allowed in stadium – emotional support animal

A special kind of service animal had to stay outside on American grounds. Crocodile Vali was denied entry.

Some people just can’t get along without their animals: there are companion dogs for the visually impaired and those who can predict seizures. Other animals are used because they reduce fear. But an American and his pet have now been thwarted by security guards at a football stadium.

The man arrived with his alligator in front of the stadium in Philadelphia for the Philadelphia Phillies game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. As a fan showed on Instagram, the reptile, about one and a half meters long, was on a rope.

Only dogs are allowed inside

In the video, a man can be seen leading the crocodile on a rope in front of the stadium. When asked about the fan, her friend said the security staff did not let her in. The owner explained that the animal was a certified “emotional support animal.” “One of a kind in the world”.

Unfortunately, the man chose the wrong animal species for the field. It only allows certified assistance dogs and those in training. All other animals are prohibited.

The alligator is unknown in America; Wally has thousands of followers on Instagram. His owner, Joey Henny of Pennsylvania, rescued him from Florida in 2015, British BBC reported. In a YouTube interview with Beastly magazine, Henny said Wally was his best friend and loved kisses.