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Bayern Munich vs Villarreal: The Champions League Quarter-finals now in the live tape

Bayern Munich vs Villarreal: The Champions League Quarter-finals now in the live tape

In the Champions League quarter-finals, tonight Bayern Munich is fighting Villarreal to advance. We’re following the whole of the second round of the quarter-finals for you here in our live stream.

Bayern Munich vs Villarreal – 0: 0



Lined up Bayern Munich

Neuer – Pavard, Upamecano, Hernandez – Kimmich, Goretzka – Sane, Musiala, T. Muller, Koeman – Lewandowski

Line-up Villarreal FC

Rolly – Foyth, Raul Albiol, Pau, Estupinan – Kabwe, Parejo, Coquelin – Lo Celso, Gerrard, Danjuma

yellow cards


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Bayern Munich vs Villarreal: Champions League quarter-finals now in the live tape – 0: 0

eleventh: Then the hosts appear. A long diagonal ball lands on the right in the penalty area at Leroy Sane, who immediately places it in the middle. The Spaniards close a shop there – even when Leon Goretzka tried to shoot from an ambush.

Ninth: Villarreal is not only falling behind, but is trying in stages to be successful by own initiative. FC Bayern defensively is also required once again. In this way, the Spaniards avoid being under heavy pressure.

VIII: The guys of Unai Emery are very keen to consistently carry out their concept from today’s first leg. What worked once should work today, too.

Sixthly: Then Villarreal played until the end for the first time. Gerard Moreno fired from a half right position. Obviously, the right shot missed the left corner of the goal. Manuel Neuer realizes this early on.

Fifth: Meanwhile, guests also take an active part in the game. However, the Spaniards go about their business very cautiously and only feel their way forward very slowly. Nothing leads the Europa League winner, they have 1-0 in the first leg behind them.

Third: Now Muller is in the center and Leroy Sane found him. Accepting the ball close to the penalty area works well, but a shot from the turn does not put Jeronimo Rulli to the test. Plus, the offside whistle sounds just right.

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The second: German champions dominate on the spot and embrace in the opponent’s half. The first attempt to approach the gate failed. Thomas Muller’s cross ends in the goal.

1: Roll the ball. In Fröttmaning there are 14 degrees moderate. There should be no danger of rain falling from the overcast sky during the course of the game.

Bayern Munich vs Villarreal: The Champions League quarter-final is now live – kick-off

Before start: Shortly before the start of the match we look at the referee’s team. Slavko Vincic plays the whistle. The 42-year-old FIFA referee has his Slovenian compatriots Tomas Klancnik and Andraz Kovacic at his side as assistants. Matej Jug serves as the fourth referee.

Before start: In a direct comparison, the score was only 2-1 for Bayern Munich after the first leg. By the way, in all cases it was about the Champions League matches, the first two of which are in the group stage. The Munich team won its only match at home against Villarreal in November 2011 3-1, and reached the “Duham Final” as the competition progressed and lost it to Chelsea on penalties.

Before start: Nationally, things are not going well for Villarreal at the moment, they are still only seventh in Serie A. Renewed qualification for international business is out of sight. The 1-1 draw against Athletic Bilbao last Saturday was the third consecutive match without a win.

Before start: Villarreal is only their fourth appearance at the highest level in Europe, but they have already reached the semi-finals once in the 2005/06 season. The Yellow Submarine (Submarino amarillo) also celebrated the club’s biggest success on the international stage, but one floor below in the European League. In this competition, the East Spaniards won the title in 2021.

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Before start: If the Bundesliga team wins today, it will be in the Champions League semi-finals for the thirteenth time. In six cases they went one step further to the final. Three of those finals were won. As a regular player in the first division, the German champions naturally have plenty of experience ahead of their opponents as a club.

Before start: With Villarreal winning 1-0 in the first leg and not applying the away goals rule, it is clear that a win of any kind would take Bayern Munich to the semi-finals. Of course, the German record champion has to endure the first defeat in the current competition, which was inflicted by the Spanish opponent last week. At least in the Bundesliga, the Munich team achieved a difficult 1-0 victory over FC Augsburg at the weekend.

Before start: Unai Emery doesn’t change anything, sending exactly the same starting lineup from last week into the race.

  • Rolly – Foyth, Raul Albiol, Pau, Estupinan – Kabwe, Parejo, Coquelin – Lo Celso, Gerrard, Danjuma

Before start: Compared to the first leg, there are two changes in the host side. In place of Alfonso Davies and Sejri Gnabry (both on the bench), Leon Goretzka and Leroy Sane slipped into the Munich starting line-up. So it looks like today after a streak of three players and a bolstered midfield.

  • Neuer – Pavard, Upamecano, Hernandez – Kimmich, Goretzka – Sane, Musiala, T. Muller, Koeman – Lewandowski

Before start: Julian Nagelsmann’s team is under a lot of pressure tonight. Favorite Bayern showed a poor performance in the first leg and could count themselves lucky as they are only 0:1 behind. Bayern Munich lacked creativity in attack in particular so they only created a few chances to score. At the Allianz Arena, a major improvement in performance against Villarreal today is needed if the German record champions are to reach the Champions League semi-finals.

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Before start: The Champions League match kicks off tonight at 9pm at the Allianz Arena in Munich.

Before start: Hello and welcome to the live tape of the quarter-final second leg match between Bayern Munich and Villarreal.