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Bernd Vollmann |  “I’ve only wanted to do this job for three years. But Thomas Vanek sparked something in me.”

Bernd Vollmann | “I’ve only wanted to do this job for three years. But Thomas Vanek sparked something in me.”

The packaging is suitable. But when it comes to sports, Graz 99 have changed their philosophies with every change of coach in recent years. Controllable successes in the past – down the table in the present. Thus it seems that the club, like its surroundings, continues to search for an identity. The gen has been performing since 2010 Bernd Vollmann 99ers is hoping to ensure a complete turnaround with a new direction in the next few months. For the new edition of Eiskalt – the ice hockey podcast Martin Quindler And Stefan Geiger He ventured above the group and questioned Graz’s quick-witted director.

Best sayings:

The coach assembled the team and now realizes it wasn’t quite perfect.

We are not satisfied with the coach’s performance (note: Johan Penerborn), he knows it. He’s under pressure now, and he knows it too. But if we lose 10 more games, it won’t work.

In times like these, I like to see a sporting authority.

My original plan was to stay in my position for three years. But Thomas Vanek sparked something in me too.

Personally, I’m amazed that 2,500 spectators made it to the bottom of the table in the end. Sports have a place in the city.

Going for a beer with Oliver Setzinger is the best thing that can happen to you. You will have entertainment all evening long.

What’s hurting me? We never should have let Ty Loney go with the hint of finding someone better. But Doug Mason went far in the Champions League and we listened to him.

There are such fixed rules in the league. If you need new toilet paper, you should call a public meeting. The league structure was set up like a bowling club.

We are the only league in Europe where clubs pay money to be able to play.

What does the league need? Finally, the shepherds.

We’ve already started lowering the bar.

The players see me in the locker room once a year. That’s it. I think it’s the coaches’ job to talk to the players. They must solve their mission.

As an economic leader, I don’t question myself. Honestly, I don’t have any math skills. I am in favor of dividing tasks.

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