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Shooting – Shooting at Rabenstein Rifle Guild stilts

Shooting – Shooting at Rabenstein Rifle Guild stilts

With a large number of participants amounting to 214 shooters, 36 of whom were children and youth, the organizer was able to look forward to a complete success and a successful event.

The win in the hobby category, whose main prize was half a pig, went to Herbert Gansch with a score of 5.38. Alfred Jaesek managed to take the second Schlögel Prize with a score of 8.48 and Marcel Griesauer came in third with a score of 8.54. He was happy with the square lot. The main prizes were donated by Kerner Garden Design Tree Arboretum.

Things were also heated among the 36 young people participating. Finally, Florian Breitlechner won (7.28), ahead of Emma Eberhardt (8.24) and Julian Schmerl (24.73). As always, all 36 children and young people were able to receive the award. After the awards ceremony, there was a traditional dinner with a cozy get-together in the Schützenhaus.

As Chairman of the Rabensteiner Schützenguild, Manfred Schmerl thanked all sponsors, private donors, friends and supporters for the numerous prizes offered. But his special thanks went to the shooting guild team. “Everyone worked tirelessly for the guests for three days,” he praises. “Last but not least, the large number of participants, loyal friends and visitors created a wonderful atmosphere at the Schützenhaus. We are already looking forward to resuming filming again in 2024!”

Successful children and young people in archery: Julian Schmerl (third), winner Florian Breitlechner and senior archer Manfred Schmerl (from left). Unfortunately, Emma Eberhardt (II) is no longer present at the awards ceremony.

Christian Brochek