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Rogue City postponed again!

Rogue City postponed again!

developer tune and publishers Nakun announced in a short time that Robo Cop: Rogue City It will be postponed again. Version is running now 02/11/2023 planned.

current shift

Supposedly due to an impending September release, the game slipped and was delayed again at short notice. Fortunately for only two months.

Not the first shift

The game was supposed to be released in June this year. This date has already been pushed back to September in March. This time the delay was short-lived. The reasons for this are unknown, but due to a minor change, it must be just a final touch.

New trailer just released

A new trailer was released a few days ago. This was on Future Games Expo 2023 He showed and gave us an idea of ​​the gameplay and story. So play Robocop As expected on the crime-ridden streets of futuristic Detroit. We play the role of cyborg cops, who are called upon to carry out the most dangerous missions. Here’s the full trailer again:

We already have all the information for you just in time for the trailer Robo city cop rogue summed up.

By fans for fans

developer tune was already to break Title Terminator: Resistance. Even if the title doesn’t exactly glow with reviews, many fans of the series know something to do with it. So now you should too Robocop Title expect something similar. The title probably won’t reinvent the wheel, but you can count on plenty of fan service, old and new Robocop Fans will instantly find their favorite movies set in the futuristic city of Detroit. A modern title from an old franchise doesn’t have to do more than that. We are very excited.

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Robo Cop: Rogue City It will be on 11/02/2023 AD PS5, Xbox X/S And personal computer He appears.

sources: via shinobi602; via Play Station