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New highlight hour and final event day – August 22, 2023

New highlight hour and final event day – August 22, 2023

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In Pokémon GO, you should take advantage of the last few hours of today’s Toxic Swamp event. There is also a spotlight watch.

San Francisco – A new week of events is coming to Pokémon GO! The highlight of each year, GO Fest, this week and other events take place in this strong week. But what happens on any given day? We give you a daily overview of the current events in Pokémon GO.

The name of the game Pokemon GO
Version (date first published) 06 July 2016
Publishers niantic
series Pokemon
platforms Android and iOS
Developer niantic
Type Augmented reality, mobile

Pokémon GO: News August 22, 2023 – Toxic Swamp and GO Fest this weekend

Strong event expiration: Only today you can take advantage of some of the powerful bonuses of the current event. It works until 20:00 local time. After that, the toxic swamp ends. Until then, you can still hunt monsters like Zubat, Dratini, or eF-eM. There is also a candy bonus and more raid lanes. More information about the event can be found here: Pokémon GO: “Toxic Swamp” starts today – all rewards and skins for the event

New highlight hour: Today is the hour of the spotlight again and this time Bluzuk takes center stage. If you haven’t touched the monster yet, you should take advantage of the clock. There is also a double candy to catch Pokemon. More about Spotlight Hour can be found here: Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hours August 2023 – Today with Bluzuk and Bonus Fat Candy

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Global GO Fest start: This week is going strong again and the event of the year is coming up: the global GO Fest. All over the world there are powerful bonuses, new Pokemon and many shinys. GO Fest has already been held globally in recent years and has always been particularly rewarding. It’s going to be really strong this year, too. You can find all the details about spawns, rewards and more here: Pokémon GO Fest 2023: All Spawns, Shinys and Bonuses – Here’s what you can expect at the event

Pokémon GO News August 2023 © Niantic / (Montage)

Pokémon GO: News on August 21, 2023 – These events are coming

All events this week: In order not to miss any of this week’s action, here’s a great overview again. These events take place in the 34th week of the calendar:

From August 16th to August 23rd Level 5 raids with Yveltal and Xerneas and Mega Raids with Mega Brutalanda
From August 19th to August 22nd Toxic swamp event
Aug 22 Limelight watch with bluesock
From August 23rd to August 26th Primal Raids featuring Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon
Aug 23 Blitz watch with Primal Kyogre
Aug 24 Blitz watch with primitive barrenness
August 26th to August 27th Pokemon Go Fest Global 2023
From August 27 to September 1 Level 5 raids with Yveltal and Xerneas and Mega Raids with Mega Brutalanda

What’s going on in Pokémon GO in August 2023? The summer month of August takes place and brings with it many exciting events. In order for you to be well informed about August 2023 in Pokémon GO, we’d like to recommend a monthly overview of Pokémon GO here. There we will also tell you about the three events that are especially worthwhile. You can find all other important Pokémon GO news every morning in this article, which we update for you every day.

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