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Bob Dylan loves “Coronation Street” – a show of performance

Bob Dylan loves “Coronation Street” – a show of performance

After committing to “Coronation Street,” music star Bob Dylan, 81, received an offer to make a guest appearance on the British TV series. Producer Ian MacLeod told The Daily Telegraph: “I was stunned to hear that Bob Dylan is a Coronation Street spectator.” It would be great if Dylan did karaoke at the Rovers Return pub series.

“Perhaps we could write on an open mic night and have a mysterious singer come out of the Manchester rains and perform,” said MacLeod. When asked by The Wall Street Journal which series he last watched, Dylan names “Coronation Street,” “Father Brown,” and “The Twilight Zone.” “I know they are old performances, but they make me feel at home,” said the Nobel laureate. “I’m not a fan of package shows or news shows. I never watch anything that smells bad or stinks.”

Dylan released his first album in 1962, Coronation Street and has been on the air since 1960. The series is considered the longest running TV series in the world. “He and ‘Coronation Street’ made their mark in the ’60s,” said producer MacLeod. “Both championed working-class voices and causes, and both told stories with particular sensitivity and humor.”

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