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Bread anker i austria kaisersel

Bread anker i austria kaisersel

Penny is recalling the bakery product “Ich bin Österreich Kaisersemmel AMA 65 g” on behalf of Ankerbrot GmbH.

Due to a technical glitch in production, part of the roll dough, which is baked fresh every day in the branches, was contaminated with fragments of plastic and metal. The presence of foreign body parts in the aforementioned product cannot be completely ruled out, which could pose a potential health risk if ingested.

Because end consumers cannot clearly assign affected fresh baked goods to a best-before date or to a batch of raw bread rolls after purchase, the rolls are in the pre-consumer period From February 2, 2024 to February 8, 2024 Sold, be warned.

As a measure, the entire stock of affected frozen dough pieces and baked rolls has been removed from sale. Listings sold as of February 10, 2024 are not affected by the recall.

  • Affected products that were already purchased without a receipt can now be returned
  • If you have any questions, consumers can contact Ankerbrot GmbH via email: [email protected]

source: Abba Oates

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