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Bruckner’s orchestra was better synchronized than the artificial intelligence

Bruckner’s orchestra was better synchronized than the artificial intelligence

The big concert night, traditionally performed by the Bruckner Orchestra as part of the Ars Electronica Festival, took place on Friday at the Gleishalle of PostCity in Linz under the slogan “Prelude”. A prelude to dancing, a prelude to moving images that do not owe their imagination to the human mind, but rather grow from artificial intelligence. “Bruckner’s Surface” is a co-creation between man (Cory Olan) and machine, between chance and plan, between perfect flow and the randomness of an end that borders on inadequacy. Female figures in outfits reminiscent of dirndls leaped, Bruckner’s imaginary head floated across an imaginary landscape, miraculous machines transformed and new machine creations danced across the screen.

Bruckner’s orchestra, conducted by Markus Büchner, sang Bruckner’s “dance music”: The Scherzi from Symphonies 0, 2, 4, 6 and 7, in which Landler, whom Ansfeldner had met as a boy and made an element of his own language, can be found. . A language that Bruckner inhaled, but he did not try to imitate it like artificial intelligence, but rather invented something new. This is where the limitations of artificial intelligence appear, because what was tried was reminiscent of something that had already been tried. The interludes are fantastic: on the one hand, a recording of György Ligeti’s “Articulation” with the famous soundtrack by graphic artist Reiner Wehinger, and on the other, various live contributions. Violinist Florian Sigartner led the first Scherzo with an inspired mix of jazz, folk and Bruckner, rapper Dave El surprised with a staccato mix, and Icelandic composer and double bassist Párá Gísladóttir was mesmerized by two finely woven works. Live and pre-recorded sounds created an aura combination of infinite space. Tech-savvy visitors seemed most impressed by the fact that twelve violinists started playing at the same time and that the wind instruments started at the same moment. A good symphony orchestra like Bruckner’s is better synchronized than artificial intelligence. (Russians)

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Conclusion: Bruckner’s observations, echoed directly, transcended what was only partially cleverly contrived.


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