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Call of Duty: Future Same content on all platforms

Call of Duty: Future Same content on all platforms

Playstation owners can enjoy the same benefits as Xbox and PC gamers for the last time this year. That will change in the future, as Phil Spencer confirmed in a podcast.

Due to corresponding agreements between Activision and Sony, Playstation owners have been able to enjoy additional benefits in recent years, including early access to betas, exclusive skins, and much more. This has an end now. On the one hand, the previous exclusive agreement between Sony and Activision ends, and on the other hand, as we know, Activision is now owned by Microsoft.

Microsoft clearly has no intention of exploiting this new mode of exclusive content. As Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed on the official Xbox podcast, future games in the Call of Duty series will be delivered with the same content on all platforms.

Spencer also stated that Microsoft has no plans to use Call of Duty to encourage players to purchase Xbox consoles. According to Spencer, this means there will be no maps, skins, or other content exclusive to the Xbox version of Call of Duty. The days of exclusive time trials are also over.

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Well, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft delivers on this promise in the coming years. What is certain is that Call of Duty will be available on Xbox Game Pass for the foreseeable future. In what form and in what parts of the series remains to be seen. Spencer confirmed that no games from the acquisition will be added to Xbox Game Pass this year, but not until 2024 at the earliest.

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