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Camera in guest cabin – Was Hartberg II bugged?

Camera in guest cabin – Was Hartberg II bugged?

Excitement in the House of Styria! Eels defeated Hartberg II on the second day of the State League 3: 2 – so far, so good. What happened after the final whistle could now have consequences. Hartberger’s assistant coach discovered a camera in a hole in the wall in the Ilz’s guest cabin after the game. Video material was captured and viewed by East Steron. You can see and hear it: Coach Marcus Karner speaking, players on their way to the bathroom. Carner himself didn’t want to comment on the situation: “It’s an ongoing process, I’m not going to say anything about it,” said the coach.

But the fact is that on Thursday the penalty committee will show video material to explain why this camera is hung in the guest cabin. Elzer’s justification: “We have repeatedly faced allegations of theft in recent months,” says chairman Franz Seefried. Valuables or money would have gone missing from the guest box in four matches for the first team. “It’s very uncomfortable,” says Seyfried. And in order to track down the perpetrator, a camera was installed. “We did it in the best faith and made the worst of it,” says Seyfried. As uncomfortable as the robbery situation would be, “it’s even more annoying now.”

What matters to Seyfried: “No one was bugged with this camera, it’s not a WiFi camera. Nothing was transmitted.”

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