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Celebrate the return of FC Stinatz

Celebrate the return of FC Stinatz


FC Stinatz ceased play in 2016. After becoming a successful club in the National League, FC Stinatz eventually grabbed more headlines due to mismanagement and bankruptcy. After seven years, football has returned to the Burgenland Croatian community.

It seems that the whole village has come to the sports ground for FC Stinatz’s first home game. Football is very important in Stinatz. The youth kicks hard, but there has been a shortage of the fighting team in recent years. In 2016 the game stopped, and now the ball is rolling again.

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“The first requirement was to find a football field on which to play. As you know, football hasn’t been played here in Stinatz for seven years. The turf, floodlights and booths are broken. Many thanks to the community who gave us so much support and helped us get this going again.” Others.First we founded the junior club.The second step was, of course, the combat team.We are very confident,” said Peter Zivkovets, president of Stenatz.

Successful start despite the lack of a short-term coach

The beginning of the first season was in jeopardy for a short time when the coach resigned. “Fortunately, we found a great coach relatively quickly. Raimund Radakovits from Güttenbach fits in well with our team. He can talk well with the players and respond to them,” said Zivkovits, chairman of the board.

FC Steinitz fans are happy that the club is back

After a goalless first half, FC Stenatz won their first home match against their neighbors from Burgauberg 2-0. FC Stinatz looks to the future with hope.

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