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Celebrities partying at Julius Meinl’s Graben » Leadersnet

Celebrities partying at Julius Meinl’s Graben » Leadersnet

| Patricia Konarzowski

| October 15, 2023

The temple of gourmets in the heart of Vienna invited people to taste delicious food after the store closed.

Julius Meinl am Graben hosted the Meinl Gourmet Night for the eighth time. Connoisseurs had the opportunity to try the home collection. Visitors were also able to personally meet local and international suppliers and learn more about the products. Culinary and beverage demonstrations were offered in all sections on both floors of the Gourmet Temple.


In addition to caviar, highlights of products and brands such as salmon and wild boar were tasted. The unique Wagyu nigiri was especially popular. Local gourmands also enjoyed pastrami from the Osnabrück-Bedford sausage and ham manufacturer and Italian prosciutto cotto al tartufo nero. The gourmet tasting was concluded with, among others, Boll & Cie Champagne Grand Cru and Rosé wines, Quinta da Corte port wines and Bodegas Tradicion Sherry.

Managing Director Udo Kubik was happy with the large number of people who attended: “Meinl Gourmet Night is always something very special for us, because here customers get a look behind the scenes and get to know our excellent suppliers.”

The invitation was followed by distinguished guests such as city councilor Peter Hanke, presenter Arabella Kiesbauer, baritone Clemens Unterreiner, Daniel Serafin, Adi Hirshall and many others.

leadersnet He was on site during the tasting, you can find impressions in our gallery.

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