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Favorite FM4 songs with Trentemøller –

Favorite FM4 songs with Trentemøller –

A song from The Cure’s best album, a Mazzy Star favorite and the most perfect music on a Sunday afternoon in October. Danish musician Anders Trentemøller brings us some of his favorite songs in the FM4 studio.

Written by Christophe Sebin

Anders Trentmüller loves Christmas. He’s built a miniature winter wonderland in his home, complete with a model train and its own soundtrack. Anders Trentemøller also loves Halloween. At the end of October, creepy music plays in his garden and all kinds of monsters frighten or startle the neighborhood. These are the things you can experience in a Sunday afternoon lesson with the Danish musician.

Anders Trentemøller’s birthday also falls on Monday. Give him the song He Wants Sugar Cubes with “Birthday.” Not only is it convenient, it’s a very good choice. And a good example of what you can expect from your favorite FM4 songs with Trentemøller.

Even at that time, at the end of the 90s, when there were still musical genres and people weren’t just listening to what they wanted Trentmüller A pioneer in the post-pigeon pit era. “It was difficult for radio stations to categorize my music at that time,” says the very cheerful, very black-clad musician in the FM4 studio. “Sometimes I was into techno, sometimes it was indie.”

FM4 favorite songs

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You can hear Trentemøller’s voice today on his latest album “Memoria”. You should listen to it now, it’s a fall recording. “Maybe it’s no surprise that I really like fall.” And not just because he was born in this season: “I like the sad atmosphere. Everything fades away, maybe it’s a bit sad, but you always know spring will come again.”

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The playlist of your favorite FM4 songs looks exactly like Trentemøller’s current music. There’s the aforementioned Sugarcubes, Björk’s old band. We hear a song from The Cure’s best album, we hear one of the best bands in the world, Mazzy Star. Trentemøller also brought songs that are new discoveries for many: from the American duo Tan Cologne and the Californian musician Grouper.

FM4 favorite songs

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