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Deep Sea (Movie Review) |  Uncut movies

Deep Sea (Movie Review) | Uncut movies

Exclusively to Uncut from the Slash Film Festival

While 3D was still an innovative tool 15 years ago that turned cinema into an immersive experience in a short time, the technology now seems to be at a standstill. For most people today, it is nothing more than an annoying accessory that cannot be gotten rid of. Not to mention, the intended element of immersion got lost somewhere halfway through. The Chinese animated film “Deep Sea” proves that this technology can still be usefully tried out in 2023.

Narratively, the computer-generated adventure takes a bit of time. At the heart of the story is Shenxiu, a young girl who is caught by a thunderstorm and falls into the sea. Suddenly she finds herself in a wondrous underwater world – inhabited by strange creatures, colorful backgrounds, and even a restaurant. For Shinxiu, the magical journey is also a journey into the inner self. She is completely convinced that she will find her mother who left her some time ago again.

Tian Xiaoping’s deep-sea epic is overwhelming in its hypnotic visual splendor. At this point, it is recommended that you watch the film in 3D if you have the opportunity; The colorful backgrounds and images are perfectly adapted to the effect. So much so that you’re happy to accept the confusing story that sometimes leads nowhere. Thematically, it deals with primal childhood fears such as losing one’s parents. The symbol of the little girl threatening to drown in the sea of ​​tears of her grief may not be subtle. But that doesn’t matter, because he knows how to touch with his easy honesty. Because despite some inconsistencies, this journey in foreign waters is worth it. Looks like James Cameron has some competition. Canadian isn’t the only one bringing back the magic of the rusty 3D effect with visually stunning underwater worlds. At the same time, it elegantly hides the weak points of the plot. But you don’t want to get angry: this ride is definitely a treat for the eyes!

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