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Cyberdog 2: Xiaomi offers a robotic dog for 1,640 euros

Cyberdog 2: Xiaomi offers a robotic dog for 1,640 euros

Xiaomi continues its efforts to create Cyberdog 2, a robot’s best friend that can replace traditional pets. The robot is modeled after a dog, more precisely: a Doberman, Xiaomi announced on Monday. The successor to the first Cyberdog, which was introduced in 2021, should now be even smarter, Xiaomi promises.


The second generation of Cyberdog It looks much more pleasing than Xiaomi’s original four-legged robot. The head now rests on the neck, the body has become slimmer, and the shape of the joints promises better mobility. A total of twelve motors move its four limbs. In addition, Cyberdog 2 has become even lighter. The robot dog lost 40 percent. It now weighs 8.9 kg.

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Xiaomi’s promotional video shows off the tricks that Cyberdog 2 has mastered.

Cyberdog 2 is controlled by a 6-core Nvidia Carmel ARM processor and a Volta GPU with 48 Tesor cores (Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX platform). The computer is supported by 8GB of working memory and 16GB of eMMC 5.1 flash memory. Memory can be expanded using an SD memory card.

Cyberdog 2 is partially open source. This gives developers the opportunity to teach the bot more tricks. The robot dog has already mastered some of these when he comes out of the package. He can “heel”, recognize and avoid obstacles, perform backflips and ride a skateboard. If he falls and lands on his back, he can get up on his own. Tricks can be summoned via voice commands. Four microphones that accept voice commands. Alternatively, the robotic dog can be controlled via a smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 5.

The robotic dog sees its surroundings via infrared sensors, lidar, and a 13-megapixel camera that helps identify individual objects. On board is a 1MP RGB camera, a 146-degree fisheye camera and an Intel RealSense D430 depth camera, which is also used for environmental recognition.


An integrated 97.2 Wh battery should keep the Cyberdog 2 alive for about 90 minutes before it needs to be charged again.

Xiaomi Cyberdog 2 is still classified as a platform developed by Xiaomi and is sold as such exclusively in China. Cyberdog 2 costs 12,999 yuan (about 1,638 euros), and it is unclear if and when it will be launched in other countries.


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