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Cycling World Cup 2023: Antonia Niedermayer wins U23 gold – Chloe Degert becomes world time trial champion.

Cycling World Cup 2023: Antonia Niedermayer wins U23 gold – Chloe Degert becomes world time trial champion.

Antonia Niedermayer smiled all over her face, her recently reinserted teeth glinting under the still-necessary splint. The German cycling talent rushed to the under-23 gold medal in the individual time trial at the World Championships just one month after her serious fall at the Giro d’Italia.

The 20-year-old dropped to second on Thursday after a 36.2-kilometer run with a start and finish in Stirling, Scotland, in 49:27.26 minutes.

In the elite ranking with all world riders, Niedermayer secured a solid 11th place with a confident win over American Chloe Degert (46:59.80).

“It’s unbelievable, it really means a lot to me to be on top of the podium here at the World Championships,” Niedermayer said of Bavarian’s best. “I really wouldn’t have thought about it after falling in the Giro. I only had two weeks to prepare me.”

Highlights: Degert crowned world champion

Niedermayer defeats Kerpaul

The U23 riders are part of the elite race at the World Championships, but have won medals in a separate standings. There, Niedermayer defeated Cédrine Kerpaul of France (+7.85 seconds) and Julie de Wilde (+39.13) of Belgium.

In wet conditions, Niedermayer took her chance in her first World Championship race.

Under the stars around Dutch women’s Tour de France winner Demi Vollering, she set solid intermediate times on the flat country roads and impressively perfected the final downhill with twelve percent gradients in places.

Niedermayer with a strong season

The German champion in the U23 time trial fell on her face, bled profusely, and had to be carried away in an ambulance.

An active ski climber was soon back on her bike, and Niedermayer didn’t want to miss out on her first world championship opportunity.


The golden moment: Niedermayer was crowned U-23 World Champion

Rosenheimer also beat veteran Micky Kruger in Scotland, with the German champion finishing 18th after finishing 12th last year, 3:07.40 minutes behind winner Degert.

However, Niedermayer is not allowed to celebrate for long. The road race at the end of the World Cup has already begun on Sunday.

Niedermayer will also start there, this time in the shadow of Liane Lippert and Ricarda Bauernfeind, who won a stage in the women’s Tour de France. But that seems to be Niedermayer anyway.


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