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There are increasing indications of a new update system for stock iPhones

There are increasing indications of a new update system for stock iPhones

from Youssef Hatik
Apple’s supposed system, whereby iPhones can be updated to the current software version without flashing it first, is starting to take shape. In the beta version of iOS 17.2, new information was discovered about the new feature, which, however, should only be available to internal Apple stores.

Last week, rumors first surfaced that Apple wanted a “tablet-like device” to always be able to equip new iPhones with the latest version of iOS — without having to take smartphones out of the box. According to the original report, the unidentified device will connect to the iPhone via Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) so that it can install the respective updates.

Now another indication of the existence of the new update procedure has been found in the source code of the current beta version of iOS 17.2, as the portal 9to5Mac mentioned. As a result, there are three new internal frameworks hidden in the beta code of the operating system, which are named “FactoryOTALogger”, “FactoryOTANetworkUtils”, and “FactoryOTAWifiUtils”. These are intended to enable wireless over-the-air updates of the operating system using the projected external device.

Based on the previous update cycle for the mobile operating system, the new update technology should be available before the end of the year – at least if the official release of iOS 17.2 is any indication. This procedure will likely only be available in Apple’s own stores; Anyone who buys an iPhone from third-party retailers like Amazon will still have to do the software update themselves. It is also not clear from the reports whether the third-party device will be used in all Apple Stores worldwide from the beginning or whether a staggered start is planned here.

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