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DICE explains the XP mess around the portal

DICE explains the XP mess around the portal

from Julius Cal
In the run-up to Update 3.1 for Battlefield 2042, developer studio DICE has answered important questions from the community regarding the Battlefield Portal on Twitter. The background is that players of custom modes have some drawbacks, as they cannot unlock and unlock experience points as with other modes. DICE is now announcing the background.

To make one thing clear in advance: in all official game modes it is possible to earn experience points. There are also no restrictions on the amount of points earned. This works differently with so-called personalized experiences. Basically, it is possible to earn experience points again (this feature is temporarily deactivated), but the rate of earning points is limited. There is a limit every minute that cannot be exceeded. However, DICE states that the number of experience points that can then be obtained in practice is similar to the number of similar game modes.

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The development studio cites a simple reason as the reason for the move. You want to encourage players to create fun and entertaining game modes, but at the same time you don’t want to reward farming servers, but rather punish them. It should not be possible to earn so-called bars in user-specified game modes. However, the rewards are kept and, according to DICE, they make up the majority of experience points.

Tournament rewards are also not available in these custom modes. For this, DICE has not currently found a mechanism that can help combat the exploitation. However, it can be obtained in the official portal modes. The development studio also states that the current quota of dedicated servers will be monitored and the upper limit of experience points will be adjusted again if necessary.

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